Episode 47 - French TLEE 89 (AT-75A), 1989


I don't know more about this instrument than what is taken from the included technical description and user guide [1]. Got it in its original packaging, never used, made in 1993. Made by "TLTI, Toute la téléphonie industrielle" in Paris. I did not find any primary sources on the internet. A collector from Poland has described a set including a log card where the set is described as being of "Type: AT-75A" [2] (On my set or the included technical description the string "AT-75A" is nowhere mentioned). The set is clearly made for the french army (says "Armee Francaise" on the type plate), but I have no knowledge if it was ever really used (see below, not waterproof) in the french army or how many were built. If anybody who reads this knows more, as always any feedback highly appreciated.

The set is clearly based on the U.S. TA-312/PT, the handset uses the exact TA-312/PT parts (H-60/PT and TX module TA-117/PT and RX module TY-235/PT), the magneto also seems to be the identical G-42/PT type. What makes it hard to take the instrument seriously is that even if it's general build quality is very sturdy and it has an integrated - by magneto rechargeable - battery making it very suitable for field use ... it is not waterproof! Not even splash proof. It has huge openings in the bottom, even a short submersion will kill the electronics probably instantly. A strange design choice for a field telephone developed in 1989.

From Notice technique du telephone de campagne TLEE 89 (translated from French) [1]:

The TLEE 89 field telephone set comes in the form of a parallelepiped aluminum alloy block, painted in NATO green, contained in a canvas carrying case.
It can be used on a local battery or on a central battery network, as a mobile station in its bag or out of its bag and as a wall-mounted station fixed using the fixing kit.
Power 4 BA30 1.5 volt batteries, operating limit 3.5 volts to 6 volts
Consumption 16mA when talking
Audio characteristics Combined amplifier set
Transmission-reception: Bandwidth 300 -3000 hz, distortion < 5%, s/n ratio > 50 db
Emission level 0 db on 600 ohms
Adjustable listening level
Sidetone -10 db
Call generator Electromagnetic magneto (rotation speed 100 rpm)
Voltage delivered on load: 70 a 100 volts
Frequency 16hz
Call receiver Audio: dual tone electronics, day/night position
Visual: led indicator with memory
The TLEE 89 telephone can be used in local or central battery mode.
Its autonomy with BA30 longe duration batteries is approximately 1000 hours.
Emergency position: Possibility of use without battery after recharging the internal backup accumulator, autonomy equal to charging time.
Its range on two-wire line is approximately 40 km.
Usable in desktop or wall position.
Protected against eavesdropping.
Visual call memory.
Option: Leather bag.

Unique features




Ready to use. It look very similar to a TA-312/PT. The magneto lever ist identical to a TA-312/PT. The handset is firmly hold in place and can be used as "handle" to lift the complete set.

The "VOLUME" knob set's the receiving amp. volume. The "SONNERIE" "JOUR" "NUIT" switch, switches the incoming signal (bell) volume high (Jour=Day) or low (NUIT=Night). The "MEMOIRE D'APPEL" LED indicates that an unanswered call was received (It is cleared when going "off hook"). The "TEST" button light the "PILES" (Batteries) LED if batteries are still good. "T" is the earth (terre) connection and then L1 and L2. The black button in the receiver tray is the "hook switch". The knob with the white dot is to choose the modes "SEC" (mode to charge the internal rechargeable battery), "BL" (batterie locale = lb, local battery) and "BC" (batterie centrale = cb, common battery).

The bottom is closed with a simple alu sheet, hold by 6 screws. The holes are to make the ringer audible ... and to make the instrument NOT water, splash or dust-proof.

Inside from left to right: Main circuit board (connected to rest by a D-SUB 25 connection). Rechargeable battery board. Battery board and electronic ringer. Magneto (identical to a G-42/PT from a TA-312/PT).

The main and battery board do just slide out.

Main circuit board.

Main circuit board bottom.

Akku board. 6N-75P type akku, replaceable (fixed with a zip tie).

Magneto (identical to a G-42/PT from a TA-312/PT).

Handset (H-60/PT, same as on TA-312/PT).

Handset (H-60/PT, same as on TA-312/PT).

TX (TA-117/PT, same as on TA-312/PT).

RX (TA-235/PT, same as on TA-312/PT).

Ready in leather bag. The pocket in the lid holds the wall mounting set.

Louis Vuitton style.

Ringer holes on bottom also on bag.

Label on set. Below the slid used for the wall mounting kit ... and to make the instrument NOT water, splash or dust-proof.

Label. 109: Serial number? TLTI: Supplier, probably there were different suppliers. 3/93: Made in March 1993?

User guide for emergency mode (run out of batteries).
1. Take out batteries
2. Choose mode "SEC"
3. Turn magneto
4. Choose mode "BL"
You can talk about as long as you turned the magneto.

Battery compartment. Sealed! But what for, rest of instrument is not even splash proof.

Wall mount set.

Block diagram [1].

Circuit diagram of main board [1].

Wiring diagram [1].


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