Episode 36 - French Army T.M. 1932, 1932


The French T.M. 1932 was an only minor update to it's predecessor the "Modèle 1927" which was based on the standard components of the PTT model "Marty 1910" [3]. It used still the same simple LB only circuit but a more compact magneto, a metal sheet case instead of a wood box and an also metallic military specific handset in case of the PTT standard handset of the "Modèle 1927" and still the same T.M.0 1,5V elements (2x).

The handset is optimised to be able to use with helmet on and with a foldable microphone lever which can be adjusted to use either normal or in "laryngophone" (throat microphone) position pressing the microphone agains the throat which in noisy environments may have had transmission advantages. The here presented sample does not have the original model 1932 TX capsule and cover, but has been updated to use the model 1936 capsule and cover which is no longer well suited for "laryngophone" use. Based on instruments presented in literature and on the internet most if not all instruments have been updated to the 1936 capsule which was better suited for use in humidity (like inside the bunkers of the maginot line) [1].

Unique features

Foldable handset with microphone position option use as "laryngophone" [4].




T.M.0 1,5V elements (self made reproductions, not perfect, it is too visible that they are made of blocks of wood. I need to do a better pair some day).

Handset and headset. The handset top side is optimised to be used with helmet on. The TX capsule and the TX side cover are from the model 1936 (the 1932 cover was completely open so that the capsule stood out to be able to use in "laryngophone" mode).

All components mounted on a removable metalic chassis. Compact magneto, coil, ringer and capacitor.

The capacitor is made by "S.I.R.E." (any information regarding this company would be appreciated).

Handset and headset are fix mounted (not pluggable).

The magneto is passive shortened. Here visible the contact in passive position. When turning the magneto the front contact (short circuit) opens and the back contact (to line) closes.

The empty box. Inside the lid the electrical diagram and a spelling table. The body is mounted into the right, the left compartment is for storing the handset and headset.

Spelling table.

The electrical diagram. The handset and headset RX are connected in series (bad for instrument availability, if either of the TX elements breaks the circuit is broken).

Ready to mount.

Ready to use. The lid has bulges to make space for the line, handset and headset cables.

Batteries mounted and handset stored.

Ready for transport.

Top label. Serial number 1444. No mfg. indication.


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